This is a story about a car and the modifications an enthusiast, that would be me, made to it. So what, you say? Many people have done performance and cosmetic modifications to their cars. The modifications to this car are extreme for this particular model. Not extreme in the outlandish, add on wings & spoiler sense, but extreme in the sense that no one, to my knowledge, has ever replaced a stock 5-speed automatic transmission with a 6-speed manual transmission, added a supercharger and the related chassis dynamics control systems on a long wheelbase BMW E38 7 Series until now. My claim that Baby is unique is reasonable but not absolute. There may have been others before me of which I am unaware. Please forgive my error if this is the case.

Buying a 7er is not a momentous event in the scheme of things per se, but Baby’s story seems to have evolved through a series of decisions and events that at the time were innocent, yet when I consider them as a group, they seem to be destiny. What has come from of all of this is my concept of the “Ultimate Driving Machine”.

Here is Baby’s story.

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